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Friday, May 13, 2011

Manufacturing has Begun!

Mr. James Mills has starting manufacturing the pallet -- see the latest pictures below.

The steel tubing is heavy -- do not let its appearance fool you.  It is being maneuvered into place cut cutting by a powered overhead hoist

This picture shows it being positioned for cutting by a portable metal cutting saw (you can barely see the wheels on the bottom left side).

The wet appearance of the steel is due to coolant, to prevent the metal from heating up excessively during the cutting process.

This shows how the workpiece is setup for cutting it to the proper length.

This shows the cut pallet pieces assembled, but not yet welded.

Note the use of square tubing to form the pallet.

This photo shows the various sizes of tubing used to form the main body of the pallet.

The welding process will be starting before too long.  The images below are various shots of the welding area in the UT Tyler Fabrication laboratory.

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