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Friday, June 3, 2011

Manufacturing the Pallet/Strut Connection Brackets

The schematic for the pallet/strut connection brackets is shown below.  Each bracket is manufactured from three separate metal workpieces:  two square pieces that are machined to form the rounded "ears" and a rectangular base, all cut out of A36 1/4" steel plate.  All three workpieces are welded together to form the final bracket.

Schematic of the pallet/strut connector brackets, drawn by the team.
The picture below shows how Jim Mills is machining three of the bracket "ears" at the same time in the milling machine.  The cutting tool moves in a half-circle to remove the necessary material.  Some of the already completed "ears" can be seen at the bottom of the picture.  The image that follows shows three workpieces welded together to form a single bracket.  Some additional machining and grinding is required before the part is ready for installation.

Machining the pallet/strut connection brackets.
Welded pallet/strut connection brackets.
Finally, compare the brackets above to one of the solid model conceptual design images created by the team in Solid Edge.  All that is left is to drill the holes in the base.

Conceptual model of the pallet/strut connection brackets created in Solid Edge.

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