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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pull Test Complete!

The video below is a pull test on a strut end, as performed by Jim Mills on our Tinius Olsen tensile testing machine.  When Jim pans the camera over to the control panel on the machine, you will see the force hovering at about 11,000 pounds (more than 5 tons) -- and the maximum force applied was 12,600 lbs.  Starting at about 48 seconds, watch for the dramatic deformation.

So . . . which will fail first:  the ball joint part of the strut?  The threaded rod?  The weld?

The specimen was loaded at 0.02 in/min, and using the smallest cross-sectional area of the part (which would be based on the minor diameter of the thread pitch) the strut end withstood 71 ksi of tensile stress. 

Check back later for some pictures!

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