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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Analysis Update -- Lockheed Martin Design Imported into ALGOR

The design by Lockheed Martin for the pallet and struts has been imported into ALGOR so we can get an idea of how the system reacts to loadings.  NASA sent us an STEP file generated by ProE and it was loaded into ALGOR just this morning.  Notice how the pallet would be suspended from the hull (it is flipped sideways in this image . . . the X axis as shown would be pointing upward toward the top of the capsule.  You can see the brackets where the astronauts' seats attach to the pallet -- this is designed to hold four astronauts.

Here is the bottom view of the current design.  Our design will focus on a simpler cross section, ease of manufacture, and ease of assembly INSIDE the capsule.

Note the connections!

View from the bottom looking up to the top of the capsule.

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