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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UT Tyler NASA Orion Team Blasts Off

Welcome to the Blog for the UT Tyler-NASA Orion project.  Our mission is to develop the pallet and strut system for the Orion capsule medium fidelity mockup.

The medium fidelty mockup will be even more realistic!

Our focus will be the pallets and struts -- the astronauts' seats attach to the pallet, which is suspended from the sides and forward bulkhead.  Here is what Lockheed Martin designed for the capsule when it goes into space:

Our design will maintain the functionality and may be similar in appearance, but our challenges are different:  is must support a load of about 1800 lbs, with a factor of safety of 3.  Our design must be fit through the same opening the astronauts enter the capsule through . . . and then be assembled inside.  It must be manufactured in a short time.

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