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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pallet to Strut Brackets

The team has made a great deal of progress since the last update!
First, here is the preliminary design of the pallet to strut bracket
3D Conceptual Model
Dimensioned Drawings of Brackets 

The team has also finished preliminary design of the sleeves that will be used to attach the three sections of the pallet together.  The sleeve design and bolting patterns are shown below. The bolt patter is overdesigned for moment and shear capacity, and the bolt holes can be drilled and tapped.  Note that buckling effects should be analyzed due to reduction in metal at the bolt holes.   The sleeve itself is built up using A36 steel plate, and the inside of the inner sleeve can be built up to 1/2" thick as needed to handle buckling.
Bolt Pattern at Sleeve Connections

Critical Cross Section

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