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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Updated FEA Analysis

The figure below shows how the pallet is being modeled in Algor to determine the stresses and displacement.  This model combines an 8,000 lb loading (includes NASA's safety factor of 4) and the weight of the pallet itself.  The struts are modeled as truss elements, carrying a load only along their length, and are colored purple.  The Blue and orange arrows represent forces acting on the pallet.
FEA model of the pallet.
Two cases have been investigated:  one using 1/4" steel channel as the primary structural material, and the other using 3/8" steel channel.
Displacement for the 1/4" thick steel channel model.

Von Mises stress for the 1/4" thick steel channel model.
Additional analysis is being performed to improve the model so that it better represents actual loading conditions and gets accurate results.

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